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From the Journal:

Apple’s HTML5 Showcase

No doubt you’ll be seeing this posted everywhere over the next few days, but Apple has just introduced an HTML5 showcase site that demonstrates some of the advanced capabilities of their Safari browser.

You Need Safari

It’s unfortunate that they decided to use browser sniffing to lock out other browsers (ie Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc.), as it would be nice to see how these examples would look & perform elsewhere – but the examples are inspiring nonetheless. Especially curious (or maybe not if you look at it purely from a business perspective) is the fact that they’ve locked out Google’s Chrome browser, which as far as I know should be able to handle everything that Safari handles.

Anyways, if you’re developing sites specifically for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch crowd, this is definitely a site you’ll want to reference in the future, as is the rest of the Safari Developer Center. Also it should be noted that only 2 of the examples actually use HTML5… the rest demonstrate some of the things you can accomplish by using CSS3 and Webkit transitions. But, “HTML5” has become the term for “anything cool in the browser” – it’s the new AJAX.

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